Laura Heller


“Laura is an extremely bright and creative communications and media professional. She maintains an open and broad perspective on the issues she deals with. Laura also possesses a keen intellect and balanced intuition on a wide range of topics. Her willingness to dive right into new challenges with an upbeat sense of adventure is refreshing, and when paired with her open, honest and amiable personality Laura is a formidable asset in almost any situation. I can safely say she is one of the top professionals I’ve had the pleasure to deal with.”

Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO, CompTIA

“Laura is one of those writers who you can turn to in a pinch and know that you’ll get quality, well-researched and informed work every time. She’s great at taking complex or technical topics and making them not only easy to understand, but also enjoyable to read. She knows her industry well-enough to take a topic and run with it on her own.”

Grant Clauser, editorial director, Consumer Technology Publishing Group

“Laura is reporter in the real sense of the word: she knows the difference between news and the promotional puffery that all too often passes for news in home electronics coverage. At she made us look smart by zeroing in on noteworthy developments of the day and delivering them in her sprightly voice.”

Michael Cannell, editor,

“Laura is a superb writer, analyst, and strategic thinker. I worked with her on a project related to women and technology and she provided indispensable advice and direction on the project. We also presented these results together before a sizable audience of executives and she expertly handled the crowd. I have also known Laura for many years and she is a delight to work with.”

Joe Bates, (former) director of research, the Consumer Electronics Association

“Laura is not only an excellent writer but she also understands the key business issues in our industry thanks to her experience at Retailing Today. Her Retailing Today experience also affords her great access to key players at high levels in the industry.”

Paul Sabbath, vice president, TechCraft

“Laura is extremely connected to today’s retail world and understands the complex nuances of Business to Consumer dynamics. She writes with insight and a contemporary take on the psychology of appealing to shoppers, and the issue retailers face as they sell lifestyles. I’ve known her for 20 years and have seen her excell in every position she has been in.”

Eric Masi, owner, Torque Creative Marketing

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