Laura Heller

Are Media Collections a Thing of the Past?

Posted in Tech Blog by lfheller on August 21, 2008

Paul Mawhinney is trying to find a home for his record collection. All you need is $3 million and a very, very, very large space. The seller went from traveling salesman and collector to record store owner who saved a copy of every record he carried. The Library of Congress calls this the largest record collection in the world and it contains rare, exclusive recordings, much unavailable on CD or digital format. It’s been appraised at $50 million but like with real estate, things are worth only what people will pay and Mawhinney hasn’t found any takers. A jazz fan I know just donated his collection to his alma mater after waiting years for them to secure a grant to cover the climate controlled housing and care the collection will need. View this fascinating interview with Mawhinney, which begs the questions: what price can you put on a lifetime’s passion? And in this day of environmental concerns, reducing our footprint and eliminating the physical from our media, is this a pasttime best relegated to the past?